The Needle


Each needle is sterile and disposable.

This is not some instrument or a simple "pin". It consists of a body and a handle, the body is made of soft steel (to avoid the risk of a break within the epidermis), it is very thin (a few tenths of a millimeter) and has a very straight edge.
The handle consists of a welded wire which covers almost half of the total length of the body: it may consist of various metals, but it is important that the metal used is different from that used for the body of the needle . We normally use tin, copper, silver or other metals. The needles are of different dimensions and 
 their choice depends on the specific therapy.

The needle causes a series of physical phenomena: Bi-metallic two different metal placed one against the other generate a current flow; the needle can be seen as an electrode. Thermal effect: the portion of the needle that remains outside the cooler is (20-22 degrees) that was introduced in the epidermis which is the temperature of the body 
(about 37 degrees) skin; it thus establishes a kind of constant micro flow heat from inside outwards, facilitated by the fact that the handle of the needle by the spirally wrapped wire, becomes as a "radiator" in dispelling air heat from the specific point of the body where it is introduced.

The bodies (or functions) of our internal body transmit electrical signals to the surface, that is to say towards the skin; If a member (or a vital function) is disturbed because of an imbalance due, for example, a pathology, it will transmit an electrical imbalance in size: the point is thus "out" for this disease or imbalance . Pricking this point, it sends electrical information against current or skin 
 to a specific organ. In other words, in order to restore balance and treat disease and acupuncture helps to generate an electrical signal that change energy flows generated by the illness.

To increase flow and such a "transmission to the contrary" to a specific organ or function effectively, it is possible to use electro-stimulators which is applied on a few needles already introduced into the skin. It is also possible to heat the needles using a plant, Artemisia, combustion of which generates a constant and gentle heat. This is moxibustion.


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