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Acupuncture: before, during and after pregnancy

Acupuncture has shown that it can play an important role during pregnancy and postpartum, key periods of a woman's life where a woman's health may be seriously undermined and many drugs are contraindicated or forbidden. During pregnancy, the mother is vulnerable at all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and she feels a sense of abandonment against a medical sector that she feels is powerless to treat her pain. This feeling is especially strong during the postpartum period and can be both physically and mentally very demanding.

These periods of weakness may induce or aggravate one or several pathologies. Doctors are often powerless and have no effective therapeutic response because there are limitations in the drugs that may be prescribed.

In this context, acupuncture perfectly fulfils its role of complementary medicine. It allows treatment without medication for several pathologies affecting pregnant women. Numerous clinical studies have shown its effectiveness, which is no longer called into question by the scientific community.

In the field of PMA, acupuncture is very useful in combination with the most modern techniques. It can assist couples, relieve physically and psychologically and thus contribute to the realization of a life project.


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