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Constant all over body pain! We know what fibromyalgia is not, but we do not know what it is, except it has been acknowledged as a disease by the WHO since 1992.

Symptoms: diffuse pain throughout the body, intense fatigue coupled with insomnia, recurrent headaches, anxiety, digestive and circulatory disorders, including depression. Fibromyalgia, which mainly affects women, is often diagnosed only when the possibility of other diseases is eliminated.

It is treated but never overcome using antiepileptics, antidepressants, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory relieves aqua gym and massages.


It does not replace allopathic medicine, but traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is an excellent complementary therapy. TCM will in most cases reduce pain and provide a better quality of life, while causing only minimal side effects.

In traditional Chinese medicine, treatment of fibromyalgia is long-term. There are two main therapeutic options.

ACUPUNCTURE: The needles are inserted in strategic points of the body. The needles are delicately manipulated, they cause a feeling of pressure, no pricking. This treatment improves the circulation of energy, reduces energy blocks and therefore reduces pain.

Several techniques may improve the efficacy of acupuncture, including electric needle stimulation and moxibustion. This involves applying heat generated by burning dried mugwort sticks on the needles or above acupuncture points.

Phytotherapy The practitioner prescribes concoctions based on selected herbs according to each patient's requirements. This treatment enhances the therapeutic effect of acupuncture.

In general, a dozen TCM sessions are sufficient to significantly reduce pain and general symptoms. But the older the disease, the longer the treatment.
Then, monthly care is normally sufficient to maintain the improvement achieved.

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Acupuncture sessions are refunded by supplementary insurance.

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