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Easthetic Acupuncture

Easthetic acupuncture improves skin quality, giving it a shiny glow, it reduces old wrinkles substantially and eliminates new wrinkles altogether without requiring surgery. Dark circles are reduced or disappear completely. Bags under the eyes fade. Oily or dry skin regains a normal balance. Acupuncture helps to tighten pores. Acupuncture can also provide a clear and rapid improvement of acne in both adolescents and adults, thus reducing the risk of scarring.
Good results are achieved systematically, their intensity varies from one patient to another. The younger the patient, the better the results. This does not mean that treatment is ineffective after a certain age, but short-term results generally take longer in older patients.
The age range of patients undergoing facial treatment is 35 to 80 years. This treatment has been used regularly since 1980.
Short-term results are generally interesting, and the results are even more satisfactory in the medium and long term.

Generally, acupuncture treatment requires 10 sessions at 8 day intervals, the number and rhythm are essential for "boosting" skin (longer time intervals between sessions at the beginning would make the treatment ineffective, it is imperative to have these 10 sessions within 3 months, even if the 8 day interval is not respected) and also to remind the skin that in future it will have to react immediately once it is stimulated by the needles!Then to consolidate but also for the skin structure to continue to improve, four meetings per year are required (one session every three months).

The method requires inserting 60 to 80 needles on the face (even if it is not completely painless, it is much more visually spectacular than it is actually painful) based on wrinkles, bags under the eyes, cheeks, dilated pores, etc. Acupuncture acts on the deep structure of the skin.

For this treatment very fine needles are used. They are not painful when inserted. There are currently no contraindications to this method.

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Acupuncture sessions are refunded by supplementary insurance.

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