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The New Sinomedica Center in Lausanne

Sinomedica in Lausanne includes 5 doctors specializing in acupuncture and TCM (ASA). All of them also have Western medical degrees from Swiss universities or recognized by Swiss authorities.

  •      Dr. med Tina KESSLER
  •      Dr. med Elisabeth Pomarat
  •      Dr. med Guilda RAHMIM
  •      Dr. med Minh PULVER VUONG
  •      Dr méd. Florence DECOSTERD-NOEL

Pour découvrir leur parcours professionnel visiter la page Médecins Sinomedica


Opening hours: 8am to 17h30pm
Ph : 021 866 08 00

Sinomedica Lausanne
5 Place Saint-François
CH - 1003 Lausanne VD

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Acupuncture sessions are refunded by supplementary insurance.

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