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A life of fighting against the scales and stereotypes.

Heinrich von Grünigen, who lost 70 kilos with Sinomedica regime that combines acupuncture sessions with diet, talked to the Romandy press about his fight for the survival of the Swiss Foundation Suisse de l'Obésité, of which he is president.
Extracts from the article appeared in the 24 hours and the Geneva Tribune August 13/14, 2016.
In 1997, members of the

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Not yet available in English but in Italian, French and German, is the new blog by Sinomedica, which lists recipes that meet the demand of patients short of culinary inspiration. All the recipes are easy to prepare and contains only foods allowed by Sinomedica diet.
The Sinomedica diet is low in sugar with a normal daily amount of vegetables and protein. Associated

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- 40 kilos in four months and a half!

In the editorial of the last issue of the Swiss Foundation Against Obesity magazine, its Chairman, Heinrich vonGrünigen, presents his new Sinomedica diet program , which combines a diet and weekly acupuncture treatments. He explains how works this diet that limits calories intake between 500 to 1000 daily and prohibits all  industrialproducts and sugar. He then details the

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Acupuncture treatment for excess weight

Researchers have reviewed 31 studies, representing a total of 3013 individual cases to evaluate the effect of acupuncture in the fight against excess weight.

The results of this analysis demonstrate that acupuncture treatments for obesity are associated with a significant reduction in mean body weight. This study concludes that acupuncture is an effective treatment against obesity.

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Acupuncture to loose weight

Enjoy the benefits of acupuncture associated with medical monitoring and dietary advice

Adopt a diet low in sugar and a normal daily intake of vegetables and protein

Achieve "your optimal weight" and avoid regaining weight at the end of the diet.

The method:

Acupuncture treatment of excess weight (significant or moderate) associated with the founder of

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The Mayor of Lausanne and his wife treated at Sinomedica with acupuncture

Daniel Brélaz, Mayor of Lausanne and Marie-Ange, his wife, a woman of conviction shared their experience of acupuncture treatment for excess weight and cigarette addiction.

Sinomedica acupuncture treatment method has helped many patients.

The results are presented in a clinical study. Acupuncture treatments for obesity are associated with a significant reduction in mean

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