Sinomedica diet

Acupuncture to loose weight

Enjoy the benefits of acupuncture associated with medical monitoring and dietary advice

Adopt a diet low in sugar and a normal daily intake of vegetables and protein

Achieve "your optimal weight" and avoid regaining weight at the end of the diet.

The method:

Acupuncture treatment of excess weight (significant or moderate) associated with the founder of Sinomedica, Dr. Fumagalli's diet has been prescribed successfully for many years and generally achieves excellent results.

Acupuncture is essential for treatment. It helps the body accept the diet by improving patients' metabolism and reducing the sensation of hunger. A weekly acupuncture session (an subsequently at regular intervals) is required.

The diet is low in sugar and contains a normal daily intake of vegetables and protein; the aim is for the patient to attain their "optimal weight".

A patient's "optimal weight" is the ideal weight that makes patients feel good in their body, to have a firm and toned body and to feel energetic.

Once the patient's weight reaches its optimal level, the body attains balanced function, the patient then adopts a new diet that is more balanced and is gradually integrated under the regular supervision of the doctor.

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Acupuncture sessions are refunded by supplementary insurance.

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