Dr med. Elisabeth Pomarat

Education and professional experiences:

• University Degree in Micronutrition CHU Dijon - France 2011
• Diploma of Homeopathy School ECHR Lyon - France 2011
• High Capacity Acupuncture Montpellier -Nîmes University - France 2009
• State Diploma of Doctor of Medicine in Lyon - France 2008
• Diploma of Specialized Studies General Medicine in Lyon - France 2008
• Thesis Medicine " Place of acupuncture during the postpartum period " - France 2008

• Practitioner attached physician acupuncturist CHU Nîmes until 2012
• EFSN Service and acupuncture, consultations maternity and gynecology
• Lecturer at the Inter-University Diploma obstetric acupuncture University of Montpellier -Nîmes , 2012-2013
• Collaborations in General Medicine and Acupuncture, France , 2008 - 2013

Diplomas recognition from Switzerland :

• Full member of the ASA (Association of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Swiss medical societies) 2013
• Full Member of the Association of Physicians of Canton of Vaud 20013
• Full member of the Canton of Vaud Society of Medicine 2013
• Right to practice in the Canton of Vaud in 2012
• Equivalence issued by Switzerland MEBEKO as the title Doctor and federal post-graduate as a medical practitioner - Bern 2012

Professional affiliations:

FMH (Federatio Medicorum Helveticorum), www.fmh.ch 
SVM (Soc. Vaudoise de Médecine), www.svmed.ch 
AGMAR (Ass. Genevoise des Médecins Acupuncteurs Romands), www.agmar.ch 
ASA (Association des Sociétés Médicales Suisses d’Acupuncture et Médecine Chinoise), www.akupunktur-tcm.ch
AFERA (Ass.Française pour l’Etude et la Recherche en Acupuncture), www.afera.org
• ASCA (Fondation Suisse pour les Médecines Complémentaires), www.asca.ch
• RME (Registre de Médecine Empirique), www.rme.ch

 Resume available in English upon request.

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