Simomedica counts seven medical centers, three in the Italian part of Switzerland (Lugano, Locarno and Chiasso), one in Geneva, one in Lausanne, one in Zurich and new center which has opened in Basel late december 2017. Doctors in Sinomedica medical centers are specialised in acupuncture and in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Most of them are also general physicians, gradutates of Swiss or European medical faculties.

This complementarity of expertise allows physicians to practice acupuncture in accordance with Western medical standards.In order to remain at the forefront of scientific research and developments in the field, Sinomedica works in close connection with a network of physicians working in hospitals in both China and the United States.


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Easthetic Acupuncture

Easthetic acupuncture improves skin quality, giving it a shiny glow, it reduces old wrinkles substantially and eliminates new wrinkles altogether without requiring surgery. Dark circles are reduced or disappear completely. Bags under the eyes fade. Oily or dry skin regains a normal balance. Acupuncture helps to tighten pores. Acupuncture can

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Acupuncture and Children

Treating children with acupuncture gives doctors, parents and children real satisfaction: children are very responsive to acupuncture treatment. The results of acupuncture treatment for children are generally very fast (much faster than for adults) and only require using a limited number of acupuncture points.

Indications are

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A life of fighting against the scales and stereotypes.

Heinrich von Grünigen, who lost 70 kilos with Sinomedica regime that combines acupuncture sessions with diet, talked to the Romandy press...

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Not yet available in English but in Italian, French and German, is the new blog by Sinomedica, which lists recipes that meet the...

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- 40 kilos in four months and a half!

In the editorial of the last issue of the Swiss Foundation Against Obesity magazine, its Chairman, Heinrich vonGrünigen, presents his new...

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Acupuncture sessions are refunded by supplementary insurance.

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